A SHOUT OUT goes to Underground (wgnamerica.com) from us at unpaidlabor.com.  A wonderful cast and a great director are telling a great story.  The history still has meaning for today.  Listen America as WGN America tells the story.  Listen as they talk about the Ohio River.  Listen to the talk about places Up North where Black People walk around free.  It’s true.  Watch the cotton fields burn.  See the love between a man and a woman.  See the fight to keep those slaves in place.  Feel the struggle.

But why struggle so hard Massa?  Why say dey ain’t notin when dey is?  How about this?  Those people were very important.  The cotton they planted and chopped was very important-to the world.  They were so important they had to be told they were nothing.  Those people were the most important thing in the whole country.  Keep it secret.  Don’t tell anybody.  Don’t let them know.  They are the reason our country became the most successful country in modern history!!  That’s the Untold Story of Unpaid Labor.  No slaves (Unpaid Labor) no country. 

Contribution or Victimhood or both?  Come back to unpaidlabor.com for the Untold Story of Unpaid Labor and keep watching Underground on WGN America.  They are going to make it.  They will make it across the Ohio River to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center.  Join the celebration of Unpaid Labor’s contribution to the building of The United States of America.

You can watch Underground on Wednesdays at 10/9c on the WGN America cable channel.