What Historians Are Saying About UNPAID LABOR®

Unpaid Labor, LLC stands out among a whole host of positive efforts to move beyond blame and guilt and find innovative paths of change.
— Peter Wood, Ph.D.
This initiative offers a realistic promise of hope and empowerment at a time when they are sorely needed.
— James Brewer Stewart, Ph.D.
I support your worthy effort, and believe it will contribute to Americans (white) understanding the central role that slavery played in our nation’s development.
— Van E. Gosse, Ph.D.
Unpaid Labor’s message, well grounded in the economic and political realities of United States history, represents a worthwhile pursuit of racial and economic justice.
— Scott Hancock, Ph.D.
Your work to increase public awareness of the crucial contribution of Unpaid Labor by African Americans in creating the United States is a vitally important public service which American historians ought to support.
— Harry L. Watson, Ph.D.
I am happy to support this much-needed initiative.
— Julie P. Winch, Ph.D.
Godspeed in your good work.
— Tamara Plankins Thornton, Ph.D.
Count me in!
— Henry Louis Gates,Jr., Ph. D.
To fail to include this story as part of the way we teach America history is to rob future generations of a true account of this nation’s story. I am grateful for your work and happy to support it.
— James W. Fraser, Ph. D.
Best of luck with this endeavor: it is time America confronts its unvarnished past.
— Noeleen Mcilvenna, Ph.D.