So tell me - What did Black people contribute to America?

The history of slavery in America has been written to tell what the nation did to the slave. This was true until the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. After that many history writers started writing about what slaves did for our nation. They also wrote about what slavery did for our nation. They said that Twelve million people were enslaved to work for our country for over 258 years from 1607 to 1865. That time period includes the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the War Between the States and the emancipation proclamation. Slaves spent their whole lives in the moneymaking system called slavery. So what happened? The United States of America became the richest and most powerful country in the world. Slavery is the reason that it happened.

People who write history do it in parts. It takes a lot of parts to make up the whole story. When they are writing the story they don’t put all of the parts of the story together. Unpaid Labor has put it all together to tell the whole story. The whole story is that our country would not be as great as it is without Black people. We started our organization because we want the people that write history and everybody else to know the story. We want everybody to talk about the story.

The story of what African Americans did is very big. A lot of people don’t even know about it. It’s so big that it should have its own name. We are calling what they did for the country UNPAID LABOR™.

We want to Honor the first 12 generations of Americans who were brought here from Africa for what they did to make the United States of America the most successful nation in modern history. We want to give people a new way to look at what Blacks did for America. We want to put the history out there so that it’s talked about whenever American history is talked about. We want everybody to know the reason why all Americans should acknowledge the contribution of Americans of African descent. We want it to stick.

We want what we’re doing to bring Honor, Hope, Dignity, and Standing to African Americans. It would also be good if people in general started talking about the contribution of Americans of African descent to our nation. That would answer the question – so tell me, what did Black people contribute to America?