UNPAID LABOR® is a term The Project uses to describe the slave’s collective contribution to America. Racial slavery in the U.S. was first and foremost a labor system.

The Unpaid Labor Contribution Project promotes a message. The message is that the
first 12 generations of African Americans were vital to the birth, growth and survival
of the United States. By contribution we mean the collective effort of 10 million
people. They worked as Unpaid Laborers for 250 years to form the foundation of our
country. This is a documented conclusion. This is what 114 prominent PhD
historians say. These historians were educated, and they teach at America’s finest
colleges and universities.

All Americans are invited to join the national movement to promote A New Approach to Race in America

Acknowledge the Collective Contribution of the first 12 generations of African Americans

Abolish the Myth of white superiority and Black inferiority that was legally and socially sanctioned and pressed into the mindset of the american people for centuries to justify racial slavery and segregation and That remains in place today.

Advocate for national racial reconciliation

The movement’s symbol is a single black stripe in the American flag. The symbol indicates how important the Contribution was and is to America.

We honor the flag and do not seek to change it. We acknowledge the horrors of slavery, but we do not focus on them. The project does not vilify the Founding Fathers. We do not take a position on social or political issues such as reparations, police brutality, and mass incarceration to name a few. The message of Unpaid Labor Contribution is designed to be unique. It is designed to be non-confrontational, unifying, and proactive. It is designed change the mindset of all Americans about race in America.

HYPE THE STRIPE to get the message out.


What the first 12 generations of Americans of African descent did for our country between 1607 and 1865 was big. It is the reason that America became the most successful nation in modern history.


The purpose of Unpaid Labor is

  • To honor the first 12 generations of Americans of African descent

  • To tell the Untold Story of the collective contribution of those first 12 generations

  • To use the truth of history to help heal race relations, and

  • To have the rightful place of African Americans and their collective contribution acknowledged in American history