Trump, Clinton, Unpaid Labor, and West Virginia Politics

On Tuesday May 10, 2016 the people of West Virginia will vote. They will vote on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders to be the president. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will probably get most of the votes. One of them will become the President of the United States later on.

People in states all over the country have been voting. They have been voting to see who their group wants to be the President. Later on the 2 groups will fight it out to see if Clinton wins or if Trump wins.

We wonder if the people of West Virginia know how special their state is in our country’s history. We wonder if they know that West Virginia exists because of Unpaid Labor.

Here are some facts. West Virginia was a part of the state of Virginia at one time. In 1861 Virginia decided to leave the U.S. to become a part of another country (The Confederate States of America) because of Unpaid Labor. In 1861 West Virginia decided to break away from Virginia. This all happened during the American Civil War. West Virginia became one of the United States of America on June 20, 1863. They are the only state to be formed by separating from a Confederate state. They are one of two states to be formed during the American Civil War. They are a very important state in United States’ history.

When the people vote on Tuesday we will see how important West Virginia is again. Why? Because the issues that have not been settled since the American Civil War are still unsettled.