“Racial” reconciliation is a national need. 

The first Africans were brought here for their labor. Since that time the country has gone through one crisis after another about slavery and what followed. Our nation has gone through one compromise after another about slavery and what followed. America has gone through one period of national shame after another about slavery and what followed. We fought a war over what to do about slavery. That is the Civil War in which over 700,000 people died. Yet our country did almost nothing to address the lie that has poisoned the national relationship between “White” people and people of color from the beginning.

That lie and the national policy it produced is the reason for the condition of people of color in America today. It is the reason for a poverty of soul and spirit in the majority community because there is also a cost to oppressing people. It is the reason we are not more successful than we are as a nation. That’s because there is a cost to living with the tension of “all men are created equal” while subjugating whole people groups. There is a cost that comes with the enslavement of the minds of Black and White Americans alike.

But there is hope! Acknowledge! Abolish! Advocate! Hype the Stripe! It’s not too late.